Lurbla, The Gamorrean Princess

May the Second, the second-annual Star Wars RPG game here at the ranch. It was the closest day I got to “May the Fourth” where I can actually stay at home and enjoy the game.

I use the old West End Games (First Edition rules) from the early 1990’s. I used to play a bunch with some great friends in High School, but didn’t really keep up with it until my son got into my old books last year….So….

I ran an adventure for my ten-year-old son and six of his friends. It took about two hours and involved a stolen cloaking device, double crossing Pirates, Lando and Lobot, and my newest favorite character, “Lurbla, the Gamorrean Princess”.

She’s a Pirate Queen. I think I might even have a crush on her, somesow.


and for the Truly Nerdy, here’s her character sheet. (Forgive spelling errors, I was in a rush! Imperials were on my tail).