10-27-17 The Drowning

Little tale from my Art Studio:
I set out this week to purposefully do a painting “wrong”.
First, I didn’t use a pre-sketch. Then, I got scared to use a good piece of canvas or wood, so I ended up using scrap plywood I found in the alley and new-to-me materials, different weird paint colors, and a super-wide composition and complex subject matter. Three days in, and despite my best intentions to mess this thing up, it was turning out quite nice. I was having more fun painting than I had in a while.
But that wonky alley plywood was too wonky to ever be able to “frame out” So, I decided to cut the piece “square”.
Almost half-way through the cut, my saw blade buckled and snapped, leaving a horrid gash in the worst damn place. Subsequent attempts to fix it just got it worse. Now the plywood is still wonky and my composition isn’t as strong because I removed too much.
I succeeded. I played and made mistakes. I learned some valuable lessons: Go ahead and play, Use new stuff, use colors that scare you, don’t worry so much about the pre-sketch, and use quality materials if you want a quality piece.
No piece is precious. Maybe don’t cut it up, but if you did, oh well.
Now, I’ll go get my daughter her Halloween costume before I mess up something that actually matters!