The Views From Cherry Hill, Seattle. (11/12 – 2/13)

I have a day job working in Vascular Surgery, in Seattle, Washington. When not imaging arteries and veins, I stare out at the city. These paintings were done in the fall/winter of 2012/2013 during my lunch breaks.

2-26-13 Swedish Entrance Overhead  The entrance of Swedish Hospital’s Cherry Hill campus. Facing west.

11-7-12-Cherry-Hill-WEBSeattle University’s play field is there in the middle. Looking west toward Capitol Hill.

11-12-12-Seattle-(Harborview-to-Century-Link)WEBFacing south-west over the expansive city. Featuring I5 and Safeco and Century Link fields – but I hate corporate naming, so I calls ’em ‘the Safe’ and ‘Seahawks’ Stadium‘.

I would try to sit in the same spot every day, but sometimes co-workers would already be there, and then I’d just pick a slightly different view. Lighting was always changing and there would be fog one minute, rain the next, then maybe a crystal clear sun break. Seattle’s winter weather is a bucking bronco.

12-14-12Seattle11-2-12-Cherry-Hill-WEBLooking back at these in a group makes me notice simple truths, like, the above two images are nearly identical. I must have been sitting in the same chair weeks on end. Facing south-west.

1-8-13ColdtreesFacing south into the cold January sky.

2-8-12ChapelRoofwithBusThe copper rooftop of the hospital’s chapel. Facing south-east.

1-3-13Rainier-From-James-TowerWEBFacing south-east. Life is glorious when the mountain is out.

11-01-12 Seattle from Cherry HillThe views from our break room kept me sane. Facing east.   This tree is also featured in the next image, two-weeks later, only with less leaves.11-16-12-Houses-near-Cherry-Hill-WEBI painted this parking lot, and the surrounding homes, several times. Notice the fence is repeated in the next image also. Facing east.11-19-12ParkingLotWEBPanning down from the previous view, painted three-days later. The telephone poles in the center of the frame provide the perch for the wires in the foreground of the previous image. Facing east (and down).

Sad to say, the practice no longer resides in this building, but I’m glad I exploited the views as long we were there!

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