Leukemia Girl (5-12-13)


Kate Albert Ward asked me to draw her “X-Men style” for this Post Defiance story about surviving Leukemia her senior year of high school.

We met by the local middle-school, where the pink cherry trees were just dropping their pedals. I had this idea that her ‘mutated blood cells would blend with the graduation-springtime cherry blossoms, whirling around Kate as her ‘mutant power‘ manifested. The bright orange chemo-bag serves as the dangerous reality check, suppressing her abilities. The orange contrasting with the blue patient pants and jacket. I scanned actual hospital gowns and scrubs for her clothes. I climbed up on the fence and took some reference shots down through the cherry tree branches. I layered these ideas together, then I had to imagine her ten years younger and without her hair!

It was a powerful, and emotionally rewarding assignment, although I never heard much feedback on it. It proves to me that when an illustrations does it’s job, and serves the greater story, nobody notices it at all.


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